Ellipsis Split V2
Pictures and some info about my 3rd custom split mechanical keyboard design and build.
Literal Raytracing - Visualizing Light's Path Through Space
When we perceive light, we're actually experiencing photons striking us directly in the eye. Conversely, we cannot perceive photons that do not hit us in the eye. But what if we could change that? What would it look like if we could see light's path as it flies through the air?
How I See Numbers
When doing any sort of mental arithmetic or visualization of quantities, I picture numbers as shapes. In my head, operations like addition and subtraction manifest themselves as physical interaction between these shapes, and are complete with sounds and tactile feelings.
Generative Art: Pen Plotting an Old Family Photo
In this post, I document all of the steps I took to turn an old picture into a piece of plotter art. I assume basic familiarity with command line tools, but otherwise hope most reasonably computer-literate people will be able to follow along and generate some art of their own.
5.15 Card Game Successfully Kickstarted!
My cousins just successfully funded their climbing-themed card game within 6 hours of launching it on Kickstarter! I first playtested the game over a year ago, and am super impressed by how far it's come since then. I also worked with them to take a lot of their marketing photos / shoot the game promo and rules videos!
Ellipsis Split Mechanical Keyboard Buildlog
A collection of images documenting the process of designing and building a custom split mechanical keyboard.
Simple Personal Finance Tracking with GnuCash
An overview of how I use the open source accounting program GnuCash to manage my finances and generate cool graphs.
Building a (Very) Custom Mechanical Keyboard
I made a mechanical keyboard! I call it the Ellipsis. This five-pound, way-too-expensive machined aluminum monstrosity was a lot of fun to make, and I wanted to share some thing that I learned along the way.