Here’s my latest keyboard - the successor to the original ellipsis split and ellipsis keyboards I’ve made over the past few years.

I went for a much more minimalist design this time around to cut down on costs and make it more feasible to build multiple copies of the keyboard. The keyboard is constructed from a brushed + anodized aluminum plate on top of a pcb, and sourcing those two parts from China cost me about $150 for 5 units. Pretty good for such a low order quantity.

The layout itself is intentionally almost identical to a standard keyboard. The toggles on the left half of the keyboard switch between mac/windows layouts and enable/disable “space mode” - binding all thumb cluster keys to spacebar. This is useful for playing games with default keybinds (as usually space is on the right half of the keyboard,) or for making it so that strangers can easily use the keyboard without trying to figure out which key is space.

You can find the files for the pcb + plate here and the firmware here on the ellipsis_split_v2 branch. Enjoy the pictures below!