5.15 Card Game Successfully Kickstarted!
My cousins just successfully funded their climbing-themed card game within 6 hours of launching it on Kickstarter! I first playtested the game over a year ago, and am super impressed by how far it's come since then. I also worked with them to take a lot of their marketing photos / shoot the game promo and rules videos!
Ellipsis Split Mechanical Keyboard Buildlog
A collection of images documenting the process of designing and building a custom split mechanical keyboard.
Simple Personal Finance Tracking with GnuCash
An overview of how I use the open source accounting program GnuCash to manage my finances and generate cool graphs.
Building a (Very) Custom Mechanical Keyboard
I made a mechanical keyboard! I call it the Ellipsis. This five-pound, way-too-expensive machined aluminum monstrosity was a lot of fun to make, and I wanted to share some thing that I learned along the way.