Building My Bike Part 3 - Choosing Components and Assembling the Bike
It’s been about nine months since I finished building my bike, meaning that it’s now experienced all four seasons that New England has to offer. She’s holding up very well, though I’ve started to notice some minor spots of rust here and there.
Building My Bike Part 2 - Painting a Bike with a Brush
When I set out to build my bike, I decided to do all the work on the bike with my own hands. This included painting the bike, which I wanted to do mostly with a paint brush instead of spray cans. Painting a bike with a brush is an entirely doable, but tedious, project. I figured I’d document my process and mistakes, so that others may benefit from the lessons I’ve learned.
Building My Bike Part 1 - Project Vision and Prepping the Frame
In this series, I’ll talk about how I painted and built a bike earlier this year. This post will explain how I found the bike frame and prepped it for painting.
This blog post marks the release of my updated website. There’s not much here right now, but I’ll be changing that in the future!